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Welcome To A Brand New Advertisement Opportunity 

Advertising on Konnect Radio is easy and affordable with packages starting at £200.

We have a unique mix of music and entertainment like no other radio station in the UK. In fact we are the first and only mixed format Christian Radio station in the country.

Did you know 
  • 89% of adults regularly listen to the radio ever week, with 67% of all listen now online; 
  • 60% of listening is done in the home, while 24% of people consume radio on the move and 16% in the office; 
  • 32% of the population own a smart speaker - with 18% of owners listening to radio on it every day. 

Still not convinced ? Contact our sales team for more details and/or download our media pack.


Hello and welcome to Konnect Radio!
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Welcome to Konnect Radio

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